Fayette Station: a Steep & Winding Bit of New River Gorge History

Tunny Hunsaker Bridge above Fayette Station RapidBy Jerry Seymour and Jay Young

At Adventures On the Gorge we’re midway through a promotion we call Countdown to Crazy. Half sale, half contest, participants can enter to win a $1000 gift certificate by booking lodging and/or activities for the winter 2011/2012 season, or they can submit a blog post. Needless to say, the guest-authored blog content has been rolling in and some of it is quite good! Here’s one that Jerry Seymour, a guest of ours from way back, wrote.

My best adventure in/on the gorge was eons ago. The Bridge had just opened and a friend and I decided to go check it out. We slept in the car and drove down the old road to the old bridge and climbed all over the gorge and then drove across the new bridge. The new bridge was impressive, but the old winding road and riveted bridge were more fun. We had a blast! I’d love to make it back up for bridge day and some rafting soon.

The winding road and riveted bridge Jerry wrote about are Fayette Station Rd. and the Tunney Hunsacker Bridge, and as he can probably tell you, both are integral parts of our local coal history. In fact, if you’re at Adventures On the Gorge and looking for something fun, educational and free to do, a visit to Fayette Station is a great option. If you park before crossing the Tunny Hunsaker Briedge and walk upstream along the tracks (which is illegal), you’ll come to a great little set of ruins after about 200 meters. You can also listen to the fantastic Fayette Station Road Audio Tour as you wind in and out of the 900′-deep New River Gorge.

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